holding back tears is as same hard as swallowing a smile of happiness

can i just squeeze you hard and then you squish me even bishtar and bishtartar

i take my religion and my political views as rather intimate, personal things and i take personally insulting any aspect of them, and i will, most-likely, not keep silent on rubbish i hear, except if you’re really dear to me

if you are really dear to me, i overhear and oversee things that i’d never to others, but that doesn’t mean i don’t have limits of tolerance

political, religious, ethnic, racial and whatever differences shouldn’t influence on the way i perceive the people i know, and they really don’t

just, i can’t be completely comfortable around people i have different religious, political and moral standpoints from. there is always that gap present in between two of us that, if i want to enjoy spending time with such person, i always have to keep my eyes wide open not to fall into that chasm of things-we’d-rather-not-talk-about-like-ever. i don’t think i can can flourish love in a relationship in which i always have to keep in mind not to overstep my boundaries

and that’s exactly why it is so important for me that my husband stands exactly for what i stand for, and share the same religious and political views i do

the amount of spurn i have for the Shia opponents of WF is beyond immense

i didn’t want to be your best friend, i wanted to be more special than all of your very best friends

and this is what i got: nothing

i need God, but i’m too tired to go look out for Him, i’m too tired to cry out His name

but i need Him

You are the one person that is in my thoughts from the second I wake, until the moment I fall asleep; and still while I’m dreaming. And sometimes, more than anything, I want you to think of me. Sometimes, more than anything, I want to proudly proclaim to the world that you’ve chosen me for a friend. You’ve chosen me and my foolish and naive and stupid mistakes that have no place or purpose in your life, as someone that is worth your affinity. And I thank you for that.

to ke khabar nadari az hale man

loneliness would be so much easier if it was always followed up by being alone

then, you’d had no one to pretend you’re happy in front of